Another Business Relocates to Fishers, IN

Expecting to open in May, Tom Roush Lincoln will be relocating its dealership from Westfield to the I-37 corridor in Fishers. Remodeling of the location is expected to begin in February. 

In a deal securing the 2-acre plot of land at 13927 Trade Center Drive from Andy Mohr Automotive, the negotiation also included other terms. In addition to purchasing the Mitsubishi brand rights, Andy Mohr acquiesed to no longer selling the Lincoln brand in Plainfield. This gives Roush the only Lincoln dealership in the area. Roush also considered a location on 96th Street, but found the Fishers land more cost effective.

While the Mitsubishi brand will be sold in the previous Westfield location, Lincolns will be sold at the new in Fishers, IN branch. Those looking at Fishers homes for sale and cars to drive now have a new brand to consider parking in their driveway. While shopping at the dealership, expect opulence in the automobiles themselves as well as ambiance. The location is set to have the feel of a luxury hotel.

Growth continues in Fishers, IN bringing new businesses and jobs to the area. The Fishers real estate market benefits from this growth as residents can likely over the coming years expect to see this value reflected in their homes.