When Fishers Southeastern Elementary opens in the fall of 2019, parents will find a collaborative learning environment for their children. Much like you see in today's cutting edge work places, the building will be made up of learning pods of classrooms. As you enter the front door, visitors will see a large open space. There will still be classrooms but the walls that enclose them will mostly be made of glass.


Future residents currently looking for Fishers homes for sale are likely to find this kind of future-focused set up a hit. The arrangement promotes an open and free-flowing work environment where students can learn from communicating with each other. The classrooms will also surround a common area that open to up to outside courtyards. The learning atmosphere will feel relaxed for the children of Fishers residents.


Fishers parents can also expect to find an elementary building filled with natural light. Some corridors will have windows that stretch to two stories. On the first floor, there will also be cozy reading areas and a media center, among other features. The cafeteria will be unique in that it will feature a garage-type door that allows the eating area to flow on to the common areas and outdoor space.


Fishers Southeastern Elementary will focus on the social aspect of learning. The technical term for this approach to education is called "application-based learning." It focuses on having students practice using the skills they read and hear about from their teachers. With safety a question in any school today, they have implemented a system that will automatically seal off sections in case of emergencies. This is even more important in schools with a more open concept.

Expect redistricting this spring that will reflect which Fishers students attend this new innovative school.